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Epoxy Flooring

Elite Floor Coatings provides high-quality epoxy flooring applications for patios, driveways, swimming pools garages, sheds, bathrooms, kitchens; and commercial and industrial areas such as factories and warehouses.

Whether you’re after a basic finish or a more luxurious metallic coating, we can accommodate a diverse range of design, renovation, and building requirements.

Features of Epoxy Floor Coatings:

  • Hard-wearing, durable & long-lasting
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals such as solvents & acids
  • Easy to clean & low maintenance
  • Decorative finishes & multiple color choices
  • Fast application & quick turnaround
  • Cost-effective & affordable flooring solution
  • Doesn’t crack, chip, or break easily


Also known as spray on concrete, this revolutionary method is great way to achieve decorative design solutions for your home and workplace. If your driveway, backyard patio or pool area is ready for a revamp, spraycreting is an ideal way to create stylish resurfacing without spending a fortune on new concreting.

How does it work?

Spraycrete is a high quality concrete coating mixture that is applied to the surface of existing concrete slabs. Its soft and malleable texture means that it can effectively be applied to any concrete flooring that is in reasonably good condition.

It can work wonders on improving the overall design, functionality and aesthetic appeal of your concrete space. With ‘same day finish’ on all our spraycreting services, we pride ourselves on bringing our expertise, efficiency and commitment to every project.

Benefits of Spraycrete:

  • Tailored design & colour solutions to suit your requirements
  • Affordable alternative when compared to new concrete applications
  • Ideal for both residential, industrial & commercial projects
  • Keeps your existing concreting looking better for longer
  • Enhances the strength & durability over the long term

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Polished Concrete

There’s something ultra sleek and stylish about polished concrete. At Elite Floor Coatings, we use state of the art polishing machines to grind down on concrete surfaces, creating a shiny and smooth appearance for a range of property settings.

We cater to all budgets and project sizes to deliver high quality polished concrete solutions to meet your requirements. Whether it’s a warehouse, factory, house or apartment, we are the concreting experts of choice in southeast Queensland.

Why Polished Concrete?

  • Produces a high quality smooth finish
  • Doesn’t peel, break or scratch
  • Environmentally friendly option
  • Great for industrial, commercial & residential premises
  • Cost-effective solution that is made to last

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