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If you have a question that is not covered here, give us a call and we will give our expert advice.

  • Is epoxy flooring scratch resistant?
    Epoxy is a durable hard-wearing floor coating that will outperform most other flooring options.
  • Is epoxy flooring hard wearing?
    Epoxy floors are extremely hard wearing and will easily handle sedans, 4WD’s, SUV’s etc being driven on it. If applied correctly, epoxy floors will not peel, crack or scratch.
  • Is epoxy a better option than vinyl?
    Epoxy is better suited to harsh industrial environments than Vinyl. This is because of the bond it has to the substrate and the nature of its seamless installation.
  • How long will my epoxy floor last?
    The average floor will last for years & the best products have a 20 Year Warranty.
  • How much will it cost?
    There are so many flooring systems that offer different colour and durability options. As a guide, if you budget between $50-80 plus GST per sqm you will cover yourself for most finishes for epoxy flooring. For concrete polishing, allow between $70-$$140 per sqm.
  • Is epoxy flooring toxic?
    There are two types of epoxy flooring; one is solvent-based and cures via evaporation. This means during the curing process the epoxy releases gases which are also known as VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Some of these gases can be harmful to people. Once the epoxy has cured however these gases are no longer present. The second type of epoxy flooring is 100% solid and cures purely by the thermal reaction of mixing the chemicals together. Thus it releases no gases while curing and is safe for humans during and after the curing process.
  • Are there any disadvantages to epoxy floors?
    Depending on the type of epoxy system you choose it can take 5 days to install. Then another 5 days before you can put full traffic on it. Depending on the type of epoxy system you choose it can be smelly during and after the installation. Not easy to remove once installed. Difficult for the average handyman to install. Can be dusty and messy during installation if not done properly. Not as many options for finishes or colours for indoor living areas as compared to alternatives such as tiles or vinyl planks.
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